From the moment you step into the studio, you will experience the
smells, sounds, and sights that were present in turn of the century.  From
our tools and machines, to the metals we use, you will be able to take a
look back in history, to a time when craftsmanship was an honored way
of life.

Our clients ask us to create the most challenging pieces.  We execute
our designs with a practiced sense of scale, balance, and proportion.  
We create pieces that pay respect to the principals of function.  Many
times a client will contact us seeking a single piece and then
commission us to make multiple objects for their home.  We provide our
clients with professionalism from the drawing to the delivery of the
finished piece.

Over the years Terry Tynan has produced many custom pieces.  Fixtures
& silverware have been produced for various interior designers’ private
clients, motion pictures, Broadway plays & Walt Disney’s Imagineering
team in Paris, France. A large ceiling fixture was made & is installed at
the Pixar Animation movie “Cars” display.

His most recent motion picture commission was for Rosemary
Brandenburg, the set director for the new Johnny Depp movie “Public
Enemies” which is directed by Michael Mann.  Public Enemies is a crime
drama set during the 1930s great depression.  Twenty-four table lamps
were produced for various scenes within the movie.  The movie also
stars Christian Bale & Channing Tatum.  
Above: Spinning one of the custom shades for the
twenty four table lamps used in the "Public
Enemies" movie
© Terry Tynan