Choosing the design & metals
Choosing the design can happen in various ways.  It
could be a style the artist has designed, a commission,
or simply a suggestion.  The lamp we have chosen for
the following pages is a classic American-designed art
deco table lamp, manufactured by Faries manufacturing
Co., in the 1930s.  This is shown in polished brass
finish and chrome over nickel finish.

For this example an original lamp from the period was
used as the template and the artist used "reverse
engineering" to work out how the original craftsmen
manufactured and assembled the lamp.  When an
original lamp cannot be traced,  the artist  works from
photographs & lighting catalogs from the period.

Once this is done a full scale drawing is produced and
the artist will work from this until the final lamp is
finished.  Other considerations at this point is the metal
to be used and the electrical fixtures.  If the lamp was
originally made from steel it will be replaced with either
brass, copper or aluminum.  The artist uses only non
ferrous metals.  No ferrous metals are used because
ferrous metals such as steel & iron rust & pit.

Brass, copper & aluminum have high corrosion
resistance, they can be highly polished and naturally
patina over time.

Click on the images and take a closer look.